• HYDRepair Komplexe – Natürliche Feuchtigkeit und
  • HYDRepair Complexes – Natural moisture and regeneration

    As the largest human organ, the skin performs many different functions to protect and regulate. In order for the skin to perform these important tasks, it needs nutrients, trace elements and supporting skin care substances from both inside and outside. Frequent washing and disinfection places additional strain on the skin's protective function. Botanica has developed a purely natural HYDRepair plant extract system, which optimally supports moisturising and regenerating cosmetic formulations. The plants can be individually combined to create your own HYDRepair plant extract complex.
  • Houseleek
  • Houseleek – the unusual alpine Aloe Vera

    Botanica has developed a valuable and extraordinary concentrate from the inconspicuous houseleek plant. The gentle extraction process recovers the houseleek’s precious ingredients. The modest and robust plant grows primarily on rocky ground, and in some cases even on rooftops. The succulent plant is capable of storing water in its waxy leaves. In folk medicine, the plant’s sap is used to treat minor burns, redness and irritation of the skin. In vitro tests have produced exceptional results and shown that the extract provides the skin with protection while also regenerating and lightening it.

    Sempervivum Tectorum - Fascinating wonder of nature - The film

    Botanica, in collaboration with a film producer and the grower, has produced a film that shows how the plant is cultivated and harvested in an authentic, sustainable way.
  • Glechoma Bio Extractive®- First aid for irritated skin
  • Glechoma Bio Extractive®- First aid for irritated skin

    Already in ancient times Glechoma Hederacea was used as a medicinal plant. As remedy against coughs or to treat poorly healing wounds and skin diseases such as psoriasis, the medicinal plant is still used today. Glechoma Bio Extractive® supports cosmetic formulations with the following properties::
    • Calming effect
    • Antioxidant capacity
    • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Tulsi - Ayurvedischer Schutz
  • Tulsi – Ayurvedic Power against Urban Pollution

    In India, Tulsi also known as Holy Basil, is highly revered in the Ayurvedic medicinal system and believed to help against various diseases. Dermatological Activities of Tulsi Bio Extractive®:
    • Antioxidant Capacity
    • UV Absorbance
    • Anti-pollution Efficacy
    • Regenerating Effect
    • Anti-Aging Efficacy
  • Baby Apfel Extraktz
  • Baby apple – the sustainable solution from nature for sensitive skin

    Apple extracts have been used for decades in the cosmetic industry. Baby apple extract is rich in malic acid and chlorogenic acid and inhibits skin irritations. Baby apple extract may be useful in sensitive skin, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin barrier recovery and sun care products.