Sustainable activity lies at the heart of all our processes at Botanica. In all aspects of our work, we continually ask ourselves what we can do to act in a more ecological, environmentally-conscious and fairer way. We use our sustainability certification CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics) including ISO 14001, as a basis for acting in a sustainable way.
Our ecological, economic and social objectives are coordinated with one another.


Botanica only uses sustainable electricity and takes account of energy efficiency when purchasing new equipment. Most of our waste is taken to the recycling plant and we offset our use of non-renewable energy as much as possible. At least 75% of our products are entirely natural and raw materials are used from sustainable sources. We also prefer to use pack-aging and consumables made from recycled materials.


Botanica is investing in building on its knowledge and technologies, in order to generate moderate and continuous growth. In our production and development processes, we also prefer to use environmentally friendly and sustainable resources.
Customers and suppliers are valued as important partners and close collaboration with them forms the basis for success.


Botanica takes a flexible approach to its employees’ needs, such as organising working hours around other commitments, and responds to their wishes. Everyone takes a break together every day and employee meetings and team events take place several times a year. Botanica provides its support in external training courses and further education and embodies an open and tolerant company culture.
  • Certified since 2012, incl. ISO 14001
  • 100 % sustainable electricity
  • At least 75 % of the products purely natural
  • Recycled paper products
  • No protected wild plants
  • No tests on animals
  • No GMO
  • Voluntarily no palm oil (derivatives)
  • Employees are the most important resource
  • Work climate
  • Partnership-based cooperation with customers & suppliers