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Special products

As an innovative producer of plant extracts, Botanica is continuously expanding its range of products. A vast pool of interesting plants is available for use in cosmetics. We process these plants further in a way that preserves their beneficial properties and we have a range of extraction methods at our disposal for doing this.


Plant extracts as natural products are multi-component mixtures and contain a range of substances. We already know of the primary marker compounds or substance groups in many plants. From this knowledge, Botanica has developed the Extractive® range of plant extracts, in which a minimum amount of typical marker compound is guaranteed, measured by effect (antioxidant potential, colour etc.).


Botanica has developed a gentle two-step process by which extracts can be provided in the form of concentrates.

This provides the following benefits:
  • Higher substance concentration
  • A more attractive price / content ratio
  • More sustainable packaging
  • Lower transport costs
  • Lower storage volumes
  • Easy to incorporate the extract

Water distillates

Botanica has an interesting range of extracts based on water as carrier material in its assortment. These so-called water distillates are obtained by a gentle distillation process. The natural cosmetics compliant sodium benzoate, ethanol or cinnamon extract is used as a preservative. Depending on the plant part used, the INCI designation is fruit water, leaf water, root water, bark water, seed water, bud water, peel water or flower water.

Swiss water

Switzerland, known as the ‘water tower’ of Europe, boasts a large number of interesting bodies of water, thanks to its extraordinary geology. Freshly tapped from the source, we process it into one of our exclusive plant extracts, or provide it to you as pure water. There are some very different histories behind each of our bodies of water and their origins are as varied as Switzerland itself.

Co-raw material

The global environmental crisis and economic constraints call for a rethinking of the collection, treatment and recovery of waste and by-products. Smart traceability helps consumers reduce waste. New equipment is being developed to better balance needs and respectful consumption. Co-raw materials are those raw materials which for various reasons are secondary raw materials of our suppliers and are recycled by Botanica.

Completed extracts

Botanica has developed a new product list with extracts which Botanica calls “completed”. In each case, several parts of a plant (e.g., leaf, flower, root, juice, etc.) are used for extraction. This produces extracts in which the various ingredients of a plant are reunited.


Flavonoids are members of the polyphenol group (secondary plant substances) and also include anthocyanins (natural colours). Flavonoids are widespread in the plant kingdom and therefore also occur in foodstuffs. Among other things they possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A number of flavonoid-rich plants are also used in medicine. Flavonoids are predominantly water soluble and therefore undetectable in oil soluble carrier materials.

Milks & emulsions

Milky products of animal origin are called milk, other products are called emulsions. Milk is a white, turbid mixture of proteins, lactose and milk fat in water. Emulsions are based, for example, on lecithin, an emulsifier that helps to mix insoluble liquids such as water and oil. Milky mixtures reflect light and scatter in all directions. Our eye perceives these reflexes as white.

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