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  • Drogenkasten
  • Sourcing

    Botanica’s long-term partnership with numerous suppliers from all over the world enables it to offer a wealth of different plants for use in the production of extracts. We would be pleased to seek out the plants you require for your individual extracts project. We also have access to a large network of partners in the fair trade and organic sectors. The origin of a product (e.g. from the Provence region or a specific country) may also form a criterion, alongside the quality.

  • Rohstoffe
  • Availability of natural raw materials

    Nature is the source of our extracts. Over 800 different plants form the basis for our high-quality products. Sustainable and careful handling of natural raw materials is particularly important to us. That is why we are continuously expanding our range of local, organic and Fairtrade plants. In addition, we are increasingly focusing on raw materials from secondary products (co-products, upcycled raw materials). The current situation in global raw material procurement continues to be challenging. There are many reasons for this. Climatic changes, worldwide logistic bottlenecks or the current Corona situation lead to delivery difficulties or delays

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